My performances are tightly connected to my artistic projects from which they evolve. They follow ritualized processes of action and are mostly of long duration.

Performances since 2002:

Entknüpfung (Un-Knotting):
This performance which can also be understood as artistic practice in public spaces, accompanies the series of carpet objects with the same name.
(Berlin 2011 and 2012, Schweinfurt 2016)

Hortus Conclusus:
The performance realized in 2009 together with Tanja Wackwitz describes the capture of a „paradise garden“.
(Open studios Dresden 2009)

Schwanengesang (Swan´s song:
The performance developed within the framework of the „Swan´s Song Project“ materializes a Saint Veronica´s veil of Cord and blood drips by using embroidery with (first invisibly blood soaked) gold cord.
(Dresden 2005, Leipzig and Meissen 2006)

musikalisches.opfer (musical.sacrifice):
Accompanied by music of Carlo Gesualdo, madonna lilies (Lilium Candidum) are wrapped with gold cord and, thus, as well sacred as destroyed.
(Bad Boll, during the Festival of Church Music, Schwäbisch Gmuend (2003)

An early baroque collar, a so called „millstone collar“, decorated with structures from Schütz´s manuscripts and Jacques Callot´s series of etchings „The terrors of War“ is shown to the public as a strip of paper which is formed to a collar after and laid around the artist´s neck. Meanwhile, the music of Schütz´s „German Magnificat SWV 494“ can be heared.
(Bad Köstritz, 2002)

The act of self purification by washing is drawn absurd by using a towel which is soaked with blood. This leads to an endless circle of self soiling an purification.
(Dresden, 2002)